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Great Bend Campus

Women & Children's Center


Giving birth is one of the most rewarding and exciting times for a family. The Birth Center at Great Bend Campus is a labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum unit that provides care to the mother, newborn and family. We offer quality medical and nursing care to support any needs from obstetrical triage through recovery and your return to home. Our goal is to provide the childbirth experience you desire. The staff supports your choices for your delivery experience.

The unit has four labor rooms with whirlpool tubs, and postpartum rooms with a walk in shower. There is also immediate access to operating rooms if needed.

Anesthesia is available 24 hours a day to provide services from labor epidurals to surgical anesthesia. Before your discharge home, a special dinner will be provided to celebrate your special event.
Our Nursery provides care for both well babies and babies who may need a little extra help after being born. Our pediatricians and family practice doctors provide excellent care to the newborns with access to specialists at a larger NICU if needed. We are designated a Level I nursery and provide care to most babies born after 35 weeks.
Pediatric patients are also well cared for in our facility by both the pediatricians and family practice physicians. We have a nursing staff specially trained and experienced with pediatric patients treating all conditions including common childhood illnesses as well as caring for chronically ill patients as needed.

We encourage our parents to stay with our pediatric patients and a meal tray is provided for one parent each meal.

The OB/Peds unit is secure with admission being by permission from the nursing staff. We also provide other security measures to keep our littlest patients safe and secure.

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