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Great Bend Campus

Respiratory therapy


In-patient and out-patient services, ranging in ages from newborn to geriatrics, we provide patient care for the Respiratory and Cardiac Systems.

These services include:

  • Complete Pulmonary Function Tests, (PFT’s),

  • Aerosol/Bronchodilator Therapy,

  • Volume and Pressure Breathing Therapy, such as:

    • Positive Pressure Therapy (Incentive Spirometry)

    • Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy (PEP and EZ-PAP)

    • Mechanical Ventilation

We also provide Cardiac Services, such as Electrocardiograms, (EKG’s), 24-48 hour Holter Monitors, 30-day Cardiac Event Monitors, Treadmill and Medicated Stress Tests. As Respiratory Therapist of a rural community hospital, we are integral to the patient care aspect of the entire hospital. We are a multi-faceted department, keeping up with newer medical technologies to serve our diverse community.

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