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Golden Belt Hospice 

What is hospice? 

Hospice is not necessarily a building or facility; it is a concept of care whose goal is to help a person live until he dies.  

– Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


Terminal illness can truly show us how each moment of life is precious. How wonderful when we can spend our final moments with our loved ones in a warm and comfortable setting, with their pain and symptoms controlled. Our team’s mission is to meet the physical and emotional needs of the terminally ill and their families.   

Hospice is: 

  • Care provided by a compassionate staff with specialized training in pain control and symptom management 

  • End-of-life comfort, not curative care 

  • Physician-directed care 

  • Care for the whole patient, not just the illness, with physical, emotional and spiritual needs included in the care plan 

  • Hospice is not about dying. It is about living your best life to the very end. 

Who is eligible for hospice care?

We welcome any person, regardless of their diagnosis: 

  • With a limited life expectancy 

  • Who is no longer seeking curative treatment 

  • With knowledge of their prognosis 

  • Who agrees to hospice care 

  • Who has a primary caregiver, such as a family member, a friend or hired care provider

Why is hospice care important to your future?

In the eve of our lives, hospice care is so important because it provides:

  • An option for expert pain management and symptom control in your home when working toward a cure is no longer an option 

  • Family teaching, support and involvement 

  • Patient care by nurses and certified home health aides  

  • 24-hour on-call support from a hospice RN 

  • Emotional and spiritual support for you and your family through professional counselors, social workers and trained volunteers 

  • Loving support of family members during bereavement

How is hospice paid for?

Many hospice services are paid for by:

  • Medicare 

  • Medicaid  

  • Private insurance carriers 

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