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Orthopedic Services

At The University of Kansas Health System in Great Bend, our goal for orthopedic services goes beyond
addressing your musculoskeletal issues. When your movement is compromised or restricted, it
significantly impacts your daily function.

Whether you are dealing with a strain or sprain, a disease such as arthritis or any other issue that
originates from factors including injury, overuse or disease, our orthopedics care team is here to help
you. We go beyond addressing musculoskeletal problems to empower you to lead a pain-free, active
life. Our comprehensive approach guides you to a holistic recovery.

Our team of orthopedic specialists is board-certified with advanced fellowship training, ensuring a high
level of expertise in the field. Our services cover a broad spectrum of conditions from routine wear and
tear to specific injuries or disorders. Whether you are in need of a tune-up for accumulated stresses or
targeted therapeutic intervention, our personalized care will address your unique needs.

We provide orthopedic services for:



To schedule an orthopedics appointment, call 620-792-4383.

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