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Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy covers a variety of treatments designed to prevent, treat and manage physical
disorders to promote function through pain relief, improved range of motion and increased strength.
Our team in Great Bend works closely with your physician and other care team members to provide you
with streamlined care to meet your needs. Committed to customized care through the latest
techniques, our hands-on approach is effective in providing preventive, pre- and postoperative and
rehabilitative services.

What is physical therapy?
Physical therapy offers a noninvasive approach to treating and managing various conditions and
disorders. Medical professionals use specialized exercises and therapeutic equipment to treat those who
are recovering from injury, disease or surgical procedures. The primary goal of any physical therapy
treatment is to enhance your quality of life.

Our programs are designed to meet your healthcare needs and goals. Therapeutic exercises and training
may help you address issues such as:


  • Joint mobility and flexibility for arms, legs and torso

  • Pain reduction and pain management

  • Posture, body mechanics and balance

  • Problems with moving independently, walking and running

  •  Return to sports and other physical activities

  • Strength and endurance

Who can have physical therapy?
Many care plans incorporate physical therapy to manage conditions or aid recovery from illness or
injury. Physical therapy can benefit individuals coping with a broad range of conditions affecting their
ability to move and function, including stroke, brain injury, spine injury, athletic injuries, cancer, joint
pain and arthritis. Whether you are receiving your care during a hospital stay or visiting an office as an
outpatient, our team will provide you with excellent, compassionate therapy to meet your needs.

How does physical therapy work?
Physical therapy can be received in all phases of treatment, from diagnosis to recovery. Treatments are
designed to reduce pain and improve mobility. Therapeutic methods, including targeted exercises and
sophisticated equipment, help in healing a variety of conditions, with therapeutic exercise forming the
foundation of any physical rehabilitation treatment plan.

What happens during physical therapy?
You will experience a safe, motivational environment during your physical therapy sessions. In your
initial appointment, your physical therapist will evaluate your condition and medical history to design a
treatment plan customized especially for you. Our team will conduct a subjective exam to determine
your quality of life and an objective exam to understand your physical condition.

After a treatment plan is in place, regular exercise and treatments are conducted to strengthen and train
muscles and reduce pain. A major part of any physical therapy treatment plan is an estimate of the
length of time needed to heal and train a patient’s muscles. Milestones will be set to track and celebrate
progress toward an improved quality of life.

Physical therapy services

  • Balance and fall prevention

  • Braces and durable medical equipment (with an order from a physician)

  • Dry needling

  • Electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy

  •  Hydroworx aquatic therapy

  • Manual therapy

  • Postsurgical rehabilitation

To schedule an appointment, call 620-792-4383.

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