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New CT Technology Is Better for Patients

By late summer 2022, if you need a CT scan or X-ray, you’ll find them to be even more beneficial and convenient at The University of Kansas Health System in Great Bend. Over the next couple of months, Great Bend Campus will install a new CT scanner, and St. Rose Medical Pavilion will install an X-ray machine.

“The new CT scanner will scan much faster and will let us see much more detail in patient images,” says Shannon Deines, imaging services manager. “It uses computer processing to create 128 cross-section images, called slices, compared to the 16-slice capability of the current machine.”

Because the new CT provides clearer images and shorter scan times, patients get better care closer to home. And, Deines says, healthcare providers will be able to have more confidence in their diagnoses and care plans for their patients.

The addition of X-ray services at St. Rose Medical Pavilion is another benefit to patients. They won’t have to leave their appointments and make an additional trip to the hospital to get an X-ray.

“Patient flow will improve and it will be especially helpful at the Convenient Care Walk-In Clinic,” says Deines. “More treatment can be provided on site.”

Patients of the family medicine care team also benefit from their being able to order an X-ray on site and have the results of the test available immediately.

“Any time we have the chance to upgrade to better diagnostic technology, it’s patient care that drives the decision,” says Josh Gant, director of ancillary and support services. “We want our patients to receive advanced care closer to home and our teams to be able to offer the best care.”


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