Specialty Providers

The following providers see patients at Heartland Regional Health Clinic

  • Cypress Heart - cardiology

    • Dr. Ryan Beard – every Monday

    • Dr. Ahmad Daraghmeh – fourth Wednesday of the month

    • Dr. Ahmad Qaddour – third Wednesday of the month

    • Call 877.449.1560 to schedule an appointment

  • Salina Regional Neurosurgery

    • Dr. Scott Boswell sees patients in HRHC 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

    • Call 785.823.1032 to schedule an appointment


The following Hutchinson Clinic providers see patients at 3715 6th St.

  •  Cardiology

o    Dr. Ahmed

o    1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings

o    Call 620.699.2500 to schedule an appointment


  •  Ear, Nose & Throat

o    Dr. Thiessen

o    Every Thursday

o    Call 620.699.2500 to schedule an appointment


  •  Pulmonology

o    Natalie Williams, PA

o    1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month

o    Call 620.699.2500 to schedule an appointment


Children’s Mercy – Wichita sees the following patients

  • Endocrinology/Diabetes

    • Dr. Matthew Feldt

    • Dr. Randy Blue

    • Dr. Max Feldt

    • Dr. Fadi Al Muhaisen

    • Call 888.563.3070 to schedule an appointment.

    • Please note that endocrinology patients being seen for the first time must be seen either in Wichita or Kansas City

    • Endocrine clinic dates for 2018 – Jan. 9th, Feb. 13th, Mar. – no clinic, April 10th & 11th, May 8th (may be switched to 15th; in process of checking on availability of the 15th), June – no clinic, July 10th, Aug. 14th, Sept. – no clinic, Oct. 9th, Nov. 13th, Dec. – no clinic

  • Cardiology

    • Dr. Unnati Doshi

    • Call 816-234-3700 or 800.800.7300 to schedule an appointment

    • Cardiology clinic dates for 2018 – no clinics Jan. – April (provider on maternity leave), May 23rd & 24th, June 27th & 28th, July 25th & 26th, Aug. 22nd & 23rd, Sept. 26th & 27th, Oct. 24th & 25th, Nov. 28th & 29th, Dec. 12th & 13th.  

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