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Sports Injury Care, Prevention and Management

Despite taking care and ensuring proper training, injuries are often a result of participating in sports and other athletic activities. Whether you strain a muscle, tear a ligament, break a bone or have a concussion, we have a team dedicated to getting you back to the activities you love. With our strong lineup of sports medicine specialists, we will tailor your care to your needs.

We will create a successful return-to-play plan that will include an injury assessment. Once your injury has been evaluated, your treatment plan may include medication, bracing or casting for ligament and bone injuries, rehabilitation and physical therapy, and injections or surgery if necessary.

Sports injuries we frequently treat include:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears

  • Fractures of the ankle, leg, wrist or arm

  • Gymnast wrist

  • Labral tears in the hip or shoulder

  • Lisfranc injuries and other ligament injuries of the foot and ankle

  • Little League elbow

  • Little League shoulder

  • Meniscal tears of the knee

  • Patellar tendinosis

  • Rotator cuff tears

  • Ulnar cruciate ligament tears of the elbow

To learn more about sports injury care, prevention and management, call 620-792-2511.

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