About Great Bend Campus

In August 2018, Great Bend Regional Hospital and its affiliated clinics, including Central Kansas Family Practice and Heartland Regional, joined The University of Kansas Health System. These services are located on what is now referred to as The University of Kansas Health System Great Bend Campus.


As a part of the health system, care providers are expanding access to healthcare options and services for the community. Physicians and medical professionals at the Great Bend Campus practice medicine with the latest technology and provide quality care in a comfortable and patient-focused environment.

Our promise to you

We are committed to delivering quality patient care. We do this through a team of trained physicians, nurses and other professionals who focus on patients first and work collaboratively to provide the best care possible. We support our staff by providing them with professional and personal development opportunities within the workplace. We also support their health and well-being, encouraging a good work-life balance while they serve our community each day through a culture of caring.

Biolegend 발주일 안내

Biolegend는 매주 월, 수 4시 (목요일 추가) 발주입니다. 기타 문의사항은 연락 주시면 성실히 안내해드리겠습니다. 감사합니다

Bioss Antibodies 발주일 안내

세계 최대의 항체 회사인 Bioss Antibodies는 매주 금요일 4시에 발주가 진행됩니다. 더 궁금하신 점이나 문의사항은 연락 주시면 성실히 안내해드리겠습니다.

SSI-Vertex 재고 보유 안내

저희 리프바이오텍은 SSI-Vertex 제품에 대해 첫 발주시 주문 물량과 함께 예비 물량까지 입고시키고 있습니다. 이후 항시 재고를 보유하고 있으니 빠르게 받아보실 수 있습니다.


Great Bend Campus

514 Cleveland St

Great Bend, KS 67530


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