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To speak with a Financial Assistance Representative, please call 620-791-5054.


Understanding the cost of care

We are here to help you make an informed decision about your healthcare, based on your specific needs and care plan. If you are a patient or caregiver for a patient at The University of Kansas Health System - Great Bend Campus and would like to discuss an estimate for care, we encourage you to call the patient financial customer services center Monday - Friday, 8 a.m 5 p.m. at 620-791-5054 or 620-791-6844. A trained counselor will answer your questions and make sure you understand the most realistic payments associated with your procedure, so you can focus on your health.

Support and assistance

Understanding your costs for care and procedures can be complicated. Let us help with an estimate for what you may pay.


Call: 620-791-5054 or 620-791-6844


The University of Kansas Health System - Great Bend Campus also offers a financial assistance program for patients who qualify.

Facility fees

  • This facility’s fees cover the use of the facility only. The facility fees do not include laboratory, pathology, surgeon, anesthesiologist, certified nurse anesthetist fees. You will be billed separately for these fees.

  • If you require special financial arrangements, please phone our office prior to your surgery to discuss alternative methods of payment.

  • The University of Kansas Health System - Great Bend Campus contracts with The Midland Group to assist eligible patients with no health insurance to secure medical coverage. There is no charge to the patient. This is a free service provided by the hospital.

  • Maria Zamora, Public Benefit Screener, is available for appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:30 – 5 p.m. Her hospital office is located on the East side of the hospital, across from the nursery. Maria’s Midland Group office is located at 1037 Sheridan, Great Bend, KS 67530. She can be reached by phone at 620-796-2210 or by fax at 620-796-2211.

Collections and payment policy

  • Each time a patient is admitted inpatient or outpatient, a new account is started. This means you can have multiple accounts with us at any given time.

  • Once services have been rendered to the patient, that hospital files a claim with the insurance company. After insurance has paid their portion, the patient will receive a statement for the remaining balance. You are responsible for any remaining balance your insurance company does not cover.

  • We do not turn anyone away for not having insurance. However; services received will be the patient’s responsibility.  Payment arrangements should be made prior to the date of service.


  • We will bill your primary and secondary insurance carriers, or governmental agency directly for the facility’s charges.

  • Be sure to bring your most current insurance, Medicare, or public assistance card with you on the day of your surgery. If you have more than one insurance carrier, we will also need accurate secondary billing information.

  • Please be aware of any admission policies your insurance plan may have. You or your physician may have to adhere to certain requirements in order to insure maximum reimbursement. Failure to obtain pre-authorization, physician referral, or a second opinion may greatly reduce or eliminate your benefits.


  • Medicare beneficiaries are welcome to receive services at this facility. This facility is certified by Medicare and complies with specified physical plant, staffing, safety and governance standards.

  • For more information on Medicare and your benefits, please visit

Financial assistance

  • The University of Kansas Health System - Great Bend Campus offers financial assistance to those who qualify.

  • The University of Kansas Health System - Great Bend Campus will not charge uninsured patients more than the amount generally billed (AGB) to insured patients.

  • All patients requesting financial assistance must be denied qualifications for public assistance prior to qualifying for financial assistance from The University of Kansas Health System - Great Bend Campus.

  • Patients whose income does not exceed 200% of the most current Poverty Income Guidelines will qualify for financial assistance.

  • Financial Assistance is considered payor of last resort. Upon qualification, a percentage of the patient account balance will be written off as charity and any remaining balance can be set up on a payment plan.

  • Financial Assistance is considered for a specified visit/account.

  • Patients will be notified in writing if they do or do not qualify for Financial Assistance.

  • The facility reserves the right to reverse the charity adjustment if the information provided by the patient in the application is later determined to be falsified. Failure to follow the payment plan will result in the balance of the account being turned in to collections.

Any person coming to The University of Kansas Health System - Great Bend Campus requesting assistance for a potential emergency medical condition/emergency services will receive a medical screening performed by a qualified provider to determine whether an emergency medical condition exists. Persons with emergency conditions will be treated and their condition stabilized without regard to ability to pay for services.

Emergency Room

Please be aware you will receive the following two bills if you visit our Emergency Room:

  1. Emergency Room Visit

  2. Emergency Room Physician Care


​Both bills will be submitted to insurance for payment. Once insurance has paid its portion, you will be responsible for the balance.

Charge Description Master

The CDM is a comprehensive listing of individual procedures, services and items billable to a hospital patient or a patient’s health insurance provider, but it is not reflective of what a patient actually pays.

  • While this document outlines standard base charges, these are not necessarily charges a patient will see.

  • Every patient is unique and actual patient payment is highly dependent upon a combination of factors.

  • Even for similar procedures at the same facility, what a patient actually pays may differ based on their insurance plan and other factors.

  • Cost is only one-factor consumers should review when making healthcare decisions. Outcomes, quality/safety data and experiences should also be considered.

As of Jan. 1, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have required all hospitals to make available our Charge Description Master (CDM.) We have also made available our average charges by Diagnostic Related Group (DRG), which Medicare and certain insurers use to categorize hospitalizations.

Please call a financial counselor at our financial customer services center, 620-791-5054 or 620-791-6844, to understand your individualized case.

We support helping patients make informed decisions, which is why we offer a patient financial customer service center to provide individualized assistance in determining the actual cost of care. 

View our CDM

To view The University of Kansas Health System - Great Bend Campus CDM or DRG, please click the buttons below. If you have any questions about our CDM, DRG, or your specific costs, you may call us at 620-791-5054 or 620-791-6844.

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