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Patient and Family Advisory Committee

If you are a patient or a family member of a patient who is seen at The University of Kansas Health System in Great Bend, you may have the opportunity to help us advance the power of medicine. As a member of our Patient and Family Advisory Committee, you become an adviser to your care team and others here in Great Bend. Your valuable ideas and experiences help us enhance the quality and safety of our services, improve our communications and better understand the needs of the people we serve. As a member of the committee, you will work side by side with us, representing the voices of patients and families as we work toward making ongoing improvements to the patient experience.

The purpose of the committee is to enhance the relationship between our patients and care teams by encouraging participation in the planning, delivery and assessment of healthcare services provided by our hospital and physician practices and to promote the patient-centered medical home by educating and engaging our patient community in the healthcare delivery process.

In addition, the committee should encourage collaboration and communication with our patient community to better understand care needs and enhance the overall patient experience. 

About the committee



  • The committee comprises 8-14 members, who represent diverse community demographics, and includes 2 employees.

  • Each committee member must attend at least 75% of meetings.

  • Nominations to serve on the committee (including self-nominations) are for a 1- or 2-year term.


Membership criteria

  • Receive care as a patient of the health system or be a family member of a patient of the health system.

  • Attend regular meetings once every 2 months.

  • Understand the importance of asking questions from the patient perspective.

  • Speak and listen respectfully and with empathy.

  • Be willing to collaborate with diverse individuals.

  • Work toward positive outcomes and exhibit a strong, ethical and positive character.

  • Respect the confidentiality agreement.


  • Meetings will be held 4-6 times a year in the early evening and will last 1-1.5  hours.

  • Subcommittees may be formed and will meet outside the primary committee’s regularly scheduled meetings.

Member roles and responsibilities

  • Actively engage in meetings to achieve the committee’s mission.

  • Be accountable as a patient representative.

  • Serve on subcommittees or workgroups when volunteers are requested.

  • Commit to improving the delivery of care through feedback and recommendations.

  • Constructively share positive and negative experiences.

  • Listen to and consider differing points of view and be willing to look beyond your individual experiences.

  • Share ideas for improvement and encourage engagement of other committee members.

  • Facilitate change to support continued improvement in patient-centered care.

Become a patient and family adviser​

For more information or to express interest in serving on the Patient and Family Advisory Committee, please complete the form below and someone will contact you.

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Thanks for your interest!!

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