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Health System Delivers Exactly the Right Care for Mom of Three

When Lacy and Duskin Bowman learned they were expecting their third child, they knew they had a choice of where to go for her prenatal care and labor and delivery. Their choice was simple: The University of Kansas Health System in Great Bend.


The Bowmans – Lacy, husband Duskin, and their 3 daughters – live in Larned and Great Bend has the closest hospital with maternity care. But location was not the driving factor in Lacy and Duskin’s choice of physician and hospital.


Lacy, a registered nurse who works in infection prevention and control for the health system, knew she’d receive exactly the kind of care she was looking for by coming to The University of Kansas Health System.


"We’re a small town, but in the health system here, there are 5 doctors who can deliver babies,” Lacy says. “You receive specialized care with a hometown feel."


Lacy’s physician is Micca Schneider, MD, one of 3 family medicine doctors at St. Rose Medical Pavilion who provide obstetric services – the others are Annie Dagg, MD, and Jonathan Pike, MD. Obstetrics and gynecology care is also available at Great Bend Medical Pavilion, where Veerayyagari Annapurna, MD, and Jodi Henrikson, MD, provide obstetric care.


"No matter who provides your care, you can’t go wrong," Lacy says. "You have options and can find an obstetrics caregiver who is perfect for your needs."


Dr. Schneider provided just the type of care Lacy wanted from her physician. She says that as a nurse, sometimes you know too much, so it was important to her that she have a physician who truly listened to her concerns.


"I had a say in my care," Lacy says. "It was really collaborative."


Labor and delivery


That feeling of collaboration continued right through Lacy’s labor and delivery experience with Dr. Schneider and the rest of the labor and delivery team at the hospital.


Thanks to the efficient coordination of her obstetrics team and the labor and delivery team in advance of Lacy’s delivery, the labor and delivery team at the hospital had all her prenatal care information.


Beyond the collaboration, Lacy says, her ability to be an active participant in her care also continued through her labor and delivery experience. She went into labor in the middle of the night and her labor had significantly progressed by the time she arrived at the hospital.

"Although my labor progressed quickly, I never felt rushed," Lacy says. "I was empowered to make decisions for myself, and before each intervention like IV fluids and cervical checks, I was asked if I wanted to proceed. The labor and delivery team truly valued my voice as a patient."


Despite this being Lacy’s third labor experience, it was the first time she went into labor on her own. Lacy says this caused her some anxiety, but members of her care team were so calm that it eased her nerves and comforted her through her quick transition from labor to delivery.


"Even when I was fully dilated, they didn’t rush me through the process," Lacy says. "I was encouraged to 'labor down' and not immediately start pushing, which made me more comfortable."


Postpartum care


Following delivery, the labor and delivery team continued to take good care of mom, dad and baby. In the immediate postpartum period, the care team checked in frequently and provided ongoing support. They assessed Lacy’s pain levels, checked her bleeding and provided breastfeeding support.


"The night after my delivery, one of the nurses let me rest while she cared for my baby," Lacy says. "I know that’s not always possible, but after being up all night in labor the night before, my husband and I were beyond thankful for a few hours of rest. The ongoing assessment and care the labor and delivery team offered to us in the postpartum period was unmatched."


Lacy says her positive experience with labor and delivery began the moment she walked in the door in labor. Everyone she had contact with made her feel comfortable and encouraged her throughout her birthing experience.


Lacy and Duskin’s baby girl was due January 11 but came a few days early. That made her the first baby born in 2024 at Great Bend Campus, after 251 babies were delivered there in 2023.


"I can’t say enough about the care I and my newborn received," Lacy says. "I would recommend the care of Dr. Schneider, her colleagues and all the OB-GYN and labor and delivery teams to anyone."


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